Thursday, September 11, 2008

The American Man at Age Ten

Well i just got finished reading this essay and the last one or two pages of the essay, it just kind of got a little blurry and i was not interested in reading it anymore. I thought that it was pretty boring from the beginning, but definitely by the end it got a lot more boring. I was hoping that those teenage boys at the Nintendo in the pizza parlor would be the kids up or something, but nope they just cursed them out and then walked right passed them. I do not know, i just think if even one exciting thing happened in this essay, then i would probably be more interested in reading it. I know it was not a story about some little boys life, but part of the essay was...Also, if i was never told Colin's age, i would have thought he was like 17 for some of the things that she said about his dreams and other things. Oh well, i did not like this essay.

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