Monday, September 22, 2008

Understanding Comics (Chs, 1-4)

Well...i do not really enjoy reading this book and it is really hard for me to more then one page without stopping and doing something else in between. I feel like i will never need to know any of this stuff when i am reading a graphic novel. I have already read Persepolis and i understood it perfectly and kind of enjoyed it...and i never learned like the background or how to understand a comic. But um...i do not know, i can not really read this that well so...yea...maybe i will try again later could also be that i am starting to read it at 10:15...and i am a bit tired, but i really think if i even tried to read it like during the day, i just would not be able to!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Fishing Story

Well...reading this essay made me a little sad. I just kept thinking about my grandparents and how sad i would be if they ever got to the point where they can not remember what they had just said, or if one of them passed away. But anyways, I liked how there was a lot of description and i could picture everything she wrote about in my head. I don't know, i thought the essay was written well and i enjoyed reading it.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Bumping into Mr. Ravioli

I just got finished reading this essay and i thought it was really cute. At the beginning i kind of enjoyed it for a while. Towards the middle, i had no idea what the author was talking about anymore and i just did not understand it and could not pay attention. He was mentioning all these names and i really had no idea who they were. When it got towards the end of the essay, i started to enjoy it a little bit more. I liked when he was just telling the story about his daughter and her imaginary friend...and i did not like when he would take up a whole page just...explaining something that was not really part of the story.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

My Sister

Hmmm...even though this essay took me about 2.5 minutes to read, i kind of enjoyed it a lot. Right when i finished it though i got really curious about...i do not really know what. I was just a little confused and i don't really know. It definitely seemed like she loved her older sister so much at the beginning. Then at the end she explained how her older sister could be mean at times, but i still just assumed that she loved her and admired her just as much as she did in the it was a surprise to me at the end when she said she did not love her sister enough.

The American Man at Age Ten

Well i just got finished reading this essay and the last one or two pages of the essay, it just kind of got a little blurry and i was not interested in reading it anymore. I thought that it was pretty boring from the beginning, but definitely by the end it got a lot more boring. I was hoping that those teenage boys at the Nintendo in the pizza parlor would be the kids up or something, but nope they just cursed them out and then walked right passed them. I do not know, i just think if even one exciting thing happened in this essay, then i would probably be more interested in reading it. I know it was not a story about some little boys life, but part of the essay was...Also, if i was never told Colin's age, i would have thought he was like 17 for some of the things that she said about his dreams and other things. Oh well, i did not like this essay.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Love of my Life

I found this story to be extremely depressing. I feel the same way about my mother as she does about hers. I do not know how i would be able to live if i ever lost her like that. I definitely wanted to continue reading it after reading the first few lines, but it just made me feel really bad and it made me dislike the main character alot for doing that to her husband. I do not really understand that if she was completely in love with her husband, why she would cheat on him with many random men and women. I feel like that would just make her life a lot more stressed out, and it did a little. I do not know how that would help her deal with the loss of her mother at all when she could have just gone to her husband who absolutely loved her for comfort.

101 Ways to Cook Hamburger

I actually found this story kind of interesting. I have many gay friends that i have known for a while, and some of them did not "come out" until very recently. I always could tell if they were gay or not but they would never admit it. They were too scared what their family would think and what other people in school would think. It would have been nice if this story was a little more exciting and interesting...i liked it and all but it was a little on the boring side.

The Fourth State of Matter

While i was reading this essay, i got really confused about where it took place when. Every time i thought that she was in her office, she also always mentioned her dog who was there too. I could not tell if she was at home the whole time, or she actually went out. I thought that this story was a little depressing mainly because of the suffering dog that should have just been put to sleep. I was not expecting any murdering going on in this story..i thought that maybe Gang Lu would kill himself...but it was a big surprise to me when he started shooting everybody! I think overall this was an interesting essay because if it was not, i would have only read maybe a page but i actually got through the whole thing because it caught my attention.


My name is Jourdan and im a freshman here at Uhart. I am mainly going to this school because it is only about 15 minutes away from my hometown, which is Simsbury, CT. I do not absolutely LOVE this school at all, but the teachers seem really good and it is really convenient for me. I do not really have many hobbies...i do like to sit outside of my building on the wall and just observe everybody who walks by..and yea thats really all that i can think of...oh and i work at Zia in gengras making smoothies!!!